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To let you focus on your specialty...
Let our specialist interpreters be your communicators!

  • Interpreting is our core business. We are professionals –
    as simultaneous, consecutive, whis
    per(chuchotage) or business interpreters.
  • All interpreters recruited by us are qualified conference interpreters
    with proven linguistic abilities and technical competence. 
  • We are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct
    to respect and safeguard the confidentiality of a meeting. 
  • We have successfully recruited interpreting teams for
    press conferences, specialist symposia, training courses and seminars,
    negotiations or European Works Council meetings.

We share our expertise with you and make sure you get what you want …
Verbal communication that is easy to understand and satisfied participants

Feel free to contact us for advice and a personalized quotation:

                                                    fon.:       +49 (7143) 83 11 22