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Planning an event with international guests?

As consultant conference interpreters, we have the skills and commitment
to ensure all your language needs are taken care of.  We find out exactly what you need and discuss all your questions regarding interpretation services and conferencing equipment.

You’ll receive a customized quotation. Then, all you have to do is approve the contract
and we will take care of the rest:

  • Recruit professional conference interpreters who have specialized on your field, and secure their availability

  • Ensure the interpreters get all the relevant conference documents you provide for them in good time for them to do thorough preparation.

  • We will brief the interpreters

  • Appoint a member of the interpreter teams to liase with you during the conference

  •  We conduct a post-event evaluation as part of our quality management.

  • We also undertake written translations of your conference documentation.

By sharing our experience and know-how with you, we will help you

organize a better multi-lingual conference.

We will make sure your message gets across!

Feel free to contact us for advice:

fon.:      +49 (7143) 83 11 22