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Imke Dröscher, Conference Interpreter, member of aiic and the BDÜ
(the International Association of Conference Interpreters  and the German Interpreter’s and Translators’ Association),
sworn interpreter and translator by the State Court of Heilbronn.

More than 20 years of experience running an interpreting and translation agency in greater Stuttgart, serving Fortune 1000 as well as smaller to mid-size companies in various industries, including technology, public relations, healthcare and politics.

Interpreting at small and large international conferences, radio and television.

Experience in the USA and France, including at the UN in New York.

Lecturer at the Stuttgart Berufsakademie, a high-profile polytechnical college.

Holds the equivalent to a master's degree in English, French and German conference interpreting, a degree in translating and in export business.

Specialising in: Engineering, business and medical.

Engineering: automotive, mechanical engineering, power train, engines, machine tools, sealing technology, tribology, surface finishing, presses, steel processing and welding, printers and printing machinery.

Business and law: exporting, procurement, international commerce, enterprise resource planning, SAP, production management, contracts, depositions for US legal firms.

Building and construction industry: facility management, structural and civil engineering, concrete, geotextiles.

Medical: wound management, joint implants, orthopaedics, pain treatment, breast cancer, diabetes.

Publications: Translation of an essay by Dr. Francis Fukuyama, RAND Corporation; Washington/USA published in: Was nun – Was gibt uns Halt?! Ideen zwischen Sicherheit und Chaos. Informedia-Stiftung, 1993

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